Ukraine Appeal

Here at Bridget’s Fruit and Veg, we have recently acquired a second-hand ambulance and it has been loaded up with aid for those fleeing the conflict in Ukraine. It is being driven out by Maria and Vincent (see further down the page) who will donate the ambulance, plus distribute the contents to those who need it the most. 

Bridget, saying her goodbyes to Maria and Florence (the ambulance!) as the journey to Ukraine is about to begin.

Picture Diary of the Journey

To look at the photos of the journey to Ukraine (in chronological order) just click on the thumbnail images below.

Handover Time

Welcoming Party

'Florence' is the only British ambulance to be delivered all the way from the UK to Kharkiv, and has been greatly appreciated by Viktor and his team. They are all shell shocked and exhausted, but still managed to put on a welcoming party for Maria and Vincent, with lunch and tea.

The Albanian consul general also came. He has been critical of Putin which has resulted in his embassy and house with his family in it, being bombed. He is the only ambassador/consul general that this has happened to.

Our Drivers

Maria Witchell - is a veteran of eight polar expeditions, the first completed when she was 17, including two crossings of Finnmarkvida, Arctic more.

Vincent Colliard - With a penchant for exploration, French adventurer Vincent Colliard is one of the most accomplished polar explorers of our more.

What we Need

We are hoping to collect as much aid as possible. Items such as:

  • Children’s clothes
  • Blankets
  • Medical Supplies
  • Nappies etc.

We will be collecting monetary donations, as well as aid, to help fund the fuel costs for us to drive it there, at Swanage Market over the next few weeks. Swanage Market takes place every Friday in the Main Beach Car Park off Victoria Avenue in Swanage.

Travelling to Ukraine

The ambulance will be delivered to Kharkiv (Eastern Ukraine c. 2 miles from the frontline) to the Ukrainian Ambulance Service who have lost many ambulances (shot-up/destroyed) in and around Kharkiv and as such, this ambulance will be of great benefit and is much needed to move the injured from the East to the West of Ukraine for further medical attention.

We are working closely with UK Med (a UK medical charity) who are in very close contact with the Ukrainian Ambulance Service. The injured, once removed from the front line (by means of our ambulance and others) will then be operated on by an expert medical team (including our close contact who is a leading UK orthopaedic surgeon) who is there to attempt to (i) perform surgery to save limbs where possible and (ii) to instruct the Ukrainian surgeons accordingly.

UK Med and the Ukrainian Ambulance Service have requested that we bring high grade trauma kits and orthopaedic surgical 'metal wear' where possible. Bridget's team are in close contact with the CEO of UK Med and his team and with the UK surgeon in Ukraine in order to source such items. Items required include clothing/blankets/lower grade medical supplies e.g. paracetamol etc.